You can start a small business today! 

Thinking about opening a small business? Starting your very own small business is not that hard, actually, it's pretty easy. I've done it several times myself. 

My first successful small business startup was a gardening & landscaping business. I started this type of business because I love working outside with my hands. It was an easy start-up for me.

I went to a local lawnmower shop, bought a mower, edger, and other tools, obtained a business license with the city of Huntington Beach, began advertising in the "Super Saver."

I soon had all the business I could handle. Very soon, because business was so plentiful, I had to hire a crew of five. My buiness was off and running!

It may not be as easy as this for you, I don't know, but the point is this: If you choose the right one, starting a small business does not have to be hard. Actually, it can be very easy. So choose the right one! Here is a list of small business ideas.

Some small businesses are much easier to start than others. There are very profitable small businesses that you can start today for under $2,000, and often, much less than that. For example, you can make money online with not much more than a laptop computer that has an internet connection.

Because of the tremendous increase in online shopping, opening a small business on the web has never been easier or more profitable. Many are making very good money online with an eBay business

Here is a list, step-by-step procedures, of some basic things necessary to start a small business in America. The same procedures are actually about the same in other countries as well. You can click on each link to see each step in greater detail on another page.

  • Write an initial business plan, because every business needs a strategy and direction. Click on link to find a business plan template or basic parts of a successful business plan. 

  • Choose an accounting system that is complete and yet simple. A key to your small business success will be accurate record keeping and income/expense reporting on your business tax forms.
  • An excellent advertising program is a must and will definitely be a key to your business success.  
  • Start building your business step-by-step, including how to choose a small business that is right for you and small business ideas.

Opening a Small Business

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You can start your small business today! The How to Start a Business page has step-by-step instructions on how to start your own small business.

Find the best Small Business Ideas, including creating a website business, high tech business, market gardening, an eBay business, computer repair, and many more.

Many business plans can be pretty complex, sometimes too complex. On our Business Plan Template page you can find the main components of a simple but good business plan.

The Best Ways to Finance your small business. Should you try for loan? If so where to get the best small business loans. The availability of small business grants.

Small Business Financing, Photo Compliments of Alan Cleaver, Flickr

Advertising  your small business is an absolute necessity to your business success! Yes, in order to succeed you will need to become an advertising pro.

For retailers, eBay sellers, and other merchandisers, a free list of genuine Wholesale Companies that are some of the best wholesalers and includes free drop-shippers.

Have you successfully started a small business but uncertain as to what to do next? On our Business Growth page you can find some solid suggestions and tips that will help you grow your business.

Featured Small Business Ideas:

Fitness Trainer

Do you love to work out? Are you physically fit and look it? Why not start a small business as a fitness trainer? By Joining one of the most rewarding professions in the world you can do what you love, stay fit, help others improve their lives, and get paid for it too! 


The Gift Basket Business
is Booming!

Do you have a desire to start a small business but you're not certain as to what kind? Maybe your a person with some artistic ability, you are really tired of the 9 to 5 grind, you want to leave your present job and start to fly on your own!

Your thinking, "I want to work out of my home, from my garage, from the backyard or patio." You know what?

Increasingly, there are more and more small businesses today that you can do just that. And that's exactly what this website is all about.

A suggestion? If you enjoy working with others as a team and you have artistic ability, there is a popular and often very lucrative small business today, a Gift Basket Business.


Landscaping Business

A landscaping and/or gardening business is a great small business to get into, especially for someone who loves working with their hands outside.

And you'll be amazed how easy and fast it is to start, depending on your area of emphasis. Here are a few gardening and landscaping small business suggestions, much of it almost anyone can do, if not, you can learn:

  • Regular, monthly lawn and garden maintenance at homes and businesses, mowing lawns, pruning bushes and small trees, weeding, light sprinkler system repair.
Lady trimming trees, photo compliments of Rennett Stowe, Flickr
  • Specialize in lawn and garden sprinkler irrigation maintenance, repair, and instillation business.
  • Tree pruning and removal service.
  • Installing fish ponds.

FoodCart Business

Love to cook? And show off your favorite recipes? If you do it right way, owning a food cart stationed at a prime location can be like owning your first restaurant but much cheaper!

Opening an Internet Store

Starting an internet store or online store is a very popular way to start an online business, but if you are inexperienced beware of the higher learning curve, expenses and competition.

A much easier way to go, and usually just as profitable, is to start an eBay business. EBay also offers a variety of their own type of online store, incredibly easy to set up, and very reasonably priced. The key to successful selling on eBay is finding a good product that people really want.

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