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wholesale companies!

The following free list contains some great wholesale companies, including a few wholesale drop shippers, that are easy to deal with, provide exceptional value, are very reliable, and sell in small enough quantities to make it worthwhile for small resellers that want to sell on eBay or elsewhere.

Finding genuine wholesale merchandise is not always that easy. One reason for that is that many wholesalers are "wholesale" in name only. They are actually retailers in disguise, masquerading as true wholesale companies.

There are many wholesale drop shippers that offer name-brand merchandise and will charge you an extra fee, usually monthly, for example, $14.95/month (or more), to join their drop shipping program. Personally, I avoid these, because, at least most of them, are not worth it, usually not fair enough in price to allow you to make a good enough profit on places like eBay or 

Always test new sources of wholesale products that you find, even ones on this list below, to make sure they are true wholesale. You can easily do this by comparing their prices with those on To learn how to do it follow this link to my page on Starting an eBay Business. If it is selling well on eBay, then it will should be profitable to sell elsewhere too.

Especially if you are a beginner and low on cash, you will want to be very careful spending your money unnecessarily. Be patient, search for good wholesale drop-shippers that offer quality merchandise and don't charge you an arm and a leg to profit from their website. It may take a while but you will find good ones.  

If, in the following list of wholesale companies, they require you to buy at least a pallet load of merchandise, always check the cost for shipping a pallet load to you before you buy.

Again, as with all this merchandise, you always want to research the products first on to make sure it is selling well.


Super buys on name-brand wholesale computers and other great merchandise. They have online sales and wholesale auctions of commercial surplus inventory and government surplus assets in bulk, by truckload, pallet, or package. Their merchandise comes new in a box, customer returns, used/reconditioned. is a great place to shop for your wholesale needs. Warning: Make sure you always check the shipping cost before bidding or purchasing at Liquidation.Com.

Heritage Seedlings

This is a great wholesale source of very small, mostly ornamental, trees and other plants. Heritage specializes in unusual deciduous species. If plants are your business you really should check them out. You won't be disappointed here! Heritage seedlings is a family run organization.

Watch Closeouts

Nice selection of new brand-name watches, including Invicta, Seiko, Casio, Timex, Pulsar, Nautica, and Kenneth Cole. Prices are pretty good and true wholesale. Minimum order is 10 watches and $200. They also have a selection of eyewear that includes Tuscany, Stedson, Esprit, Arnette, and more.   

JD Closeouts

JD Closeouts sells merchandise mostly by pallet, lots, and truckloads, quality surplus merchandise, including a good supply of wholesale computers, wholesale laptops, and other electronics. JD receives excess merchandise, liquidated goods, and store returns from department stores and catalog companies in the United States and then sells this surplus merchandise mostly to eBay sellers and small businesses.

They ship their closeout merchandise throughout the USA and export them around the world. If you can afford to purchase their merchandise by at least the pallet, they are an excellent source of good, cheap products, affording you a high mark-up for selling on eBay,, flea markets (swap meets), or where ever.

Silver Source, Wholesale Jewelry

Silver Source has quality wholesale silver jewelry supplies at excellent prices. They supply a variety of natural wholesale gemstones including amethyst, garnet, and fine grade cubic zirconium. Their cubic zirconium is guaranteed 925 sterling silver purity.

Border Leather

Border Leather Corporation began in Tijuana Mexico in the early 1960s. They produce hand-made, high quality leather products at very good wholesale prices. They have a great line of motorcycle leathers and saddlebags that can earn high markups on eBay, as well as hand-made leather purses, belts, backpacks, duffel bags, hats, gun holsters, and much more.

Killer Beads

Family company of 15 years, youth oriented, international wholesale company and manufacturer of unique, licensed wholesale jewelry, accessories, incense, hemp, and other gifts from around the world.

Accessories Palace

Has been serving the wholesale merchandise community for over 14 years. They have in stock over 1000 items, including party supplies wholesale, great supply of cheap wholesale jewelry, hair accessories, toys, novelties, key chains, poly resin figures, magnets, handbags, cloths, shoes, watches, and much more.

They have a nice selection of Disney license products. All their merchandise is at genuine wholesale prices. One of the best of wholesale companies that supplies great products for store fronts, garage sales, swap meets. Accessories Palace is well worth checking out!

Children's Wholesale

Children's Wholesale has a very good selection of children's cloths and wholesale baby gifts. But be careful, they are a little bit high at times. Check out their clearance sales for the best deals. This wholesale distributor is worth checking out.

Get That Wholesale and
Wholesale Central

These are not single wholesale companies, but good, FREE wholesale search engines that you can use to find just about any product that you want. Many eBay power-sellers use Get That Wholesale and Wholesale Central all the time. Just click on any one of their product links, for example cameras, and it will take you to lots of wholesale companies that sell the particular product you are looking for.

The wholesale companies above are some of the best that I've been able to find over the years. However, when using the search engine you are leaving my guidance and suggestions and searching on your own, so beware!

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